It all began with topsy turvy…

A very dear friend called on the eve of my birthday to greet me and wish me all the best on my special day.

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On being nostalgic…

As I looked at the Jollibee service crew, whether in the frying station, pantry, counter or buzzing around the dining area, I smile as I remembered my days in university.

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Enjoying life while working

Being part of any event or production at work is both tiring and enjoyable.

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Turning negative energies to positive one…

Whatever the situation is, I always tell myself that I should always look at the bright side of things.

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Mastering the art of falling (a.k.a. semplang)

I had experienced something during one of my regular Sunday ride with my son Leonard – I fell off my bike. Not once, but twice!

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New year trend: balik alindog program in Tagaytay!

I want to shift the focus of my travel blog into a lifestyle one focusing on my biking activities, as inspired by my conversation with close friends Martin and Camille over bottles of Pale Pilsen and Red Horse.

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