Practice won’t betray us…

I have experienced so many failures and unfortunate incidents in my life and I came to realize that it made me more stronger and better person.

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BBRC96 get together…

It’s been 22 years since I last saw my college friends and batchmates yet it feels like only yesterday that we have seen each other.

I’m glad to have joined our recent get together as I have been looking for them as well. Rodge, our class representative, organized this together with Anne. I came in late but I was greeted with a warm welcome.

Physical appearances may have changed but the spirit of this group didn’t waver. Sharing a sumptuous meal at Boiling Crabs and Shrimps set the mood for a good discussion. Everyone had a lot to say – excited to narrate their stories and casually utter jokes on our previous experiences. We transferred to a coffee shop to continue the laughter and a more serious discussion.

We were all happy to see each other and came up with plans to have more get togethers in the future. Those who were not able to come also pledged to join next time.

Moments like this, getting together once in a while, becomes meaningful as it gives us opportunities to update and re-examine our life: good or bad, we share the learning experiences. We may not be able to bring back time but we can make it more meaningful by connecting with people that became a part of it.

As the saying goes, kalabaw lang ang tumatanda… For us, we are all still young at heart.

Kampai everyone!